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The DL950 ScopeCorder captures and analyses a wide variety of electrical, physical sensor signals and serial buses. It offers a unique combination of high sampling rates, for a detailed view and long recording time to monitor trends over time. The DL950 ScopeCorder measures signals at a high-bit resolution and secures data in the harshest environments with superior noise-immunity and isolation technology. Equipped with a selection from over 20 types of input modules, with built-in signal conditioning, a DL950 ScopeCorder combines a wealth of measurements of electrical, mechanical and decoded vehicle serial bus signals.
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For Sale

In addition to our own product ranges, Scotia represents major instrument manufacturers and our internal sales team can be relied upon to source and supply equipment to your exact specifications. Our pricing structures are competitive and Scotia aim to meet your commercial needs.

Our external sales staff will advise on product application demonstrate equipment for your personnel and ensure your exact needs are met.