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The Scotialogger records pressure or any process variable, from a 4-20mA transmitter, ambient and work piece temperature from Pt100 probes. It displays and stores the information digitally. The on-board printer can provide summary information on the test. Once completed the information can be uploaded to review software where the data and or a graphic chart provides a unique identifier, specific test notes, date and time of the test graph, your company name and client name with sections for test engineer and witness signature.
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Scotia has the largest fleet of commissioning test equipment in the UK and provides THE hire service for test equipment across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Some of the areas covered include pressure, electrical, temperature, dewpoint and gas detection equipment, and the full range can be viewed via the options below.

Scotia designed items are available for many data acquisition and recording applications.

Reliance and confidence come with every item tested and available for same-day despatch, and with traceable certification provided.