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PTC Temperature Calibrators

The calibrators of the Premium TC series are characterised by their unparalleled performance and outstanding ease of operation. By means of the intuitive menu structure, all necessary inputs can be made quickly and easily. The large touch screen has plenty of room to display the reference, target, and devices under test temperature. At the end of a calibration process, the Premium TC provides the complete calibration certificate. The continuously growing bandwidth of supported temperature ranges supports an increasing number of temperature sensors on the market. They can be calibrated with a resolution of up to 0.001 °C / K and thus meet the highest requirements, e.g. of the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Four of the models (PTC165, PTC165i, PTC255, and PTC255i) are multi function with four functions available, including Dry Block, Calibration bath, Infrared calibration, and Surface calibration. Two models (PTC165i and PTC255i) include integrated measuring instrument which assumes the task of an external measuring instrument. It shows the temperature directly on the calibrator display and enables the fully automatic simultaneous calibration of two devices under test.

The PTC165 & PTC165i are multi-function calibrators for the range -25 to +165 degC.
PTC255 & PTC255i are multi-function calibrators for the range RT to +255 degC.
PTC200 & PTC700 are dry block calibrators for -55 to 200 degC, and RT to 700 degC respectively.
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