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Data Box

The Data Box brings all the 8 channel capability of Scotia's SDAS in a neat package that can be coupled with an existing pc or laptop. With the SDAS software loaded onto an individuals computer it provides flexibility to enable different users to utilise their own computer for data logging as required. Built around updated electronics this device can log up to eight 4-20mA channels in addition to 2 temperature inputs. It brings higher resolution capability in a neat design.

With the SDAS software data gathering can be initiated with just five simple actions from switch on, and with auto recognition of transmitters and the calibration, the chart scales can be set automatically. Data is gathered from all channels at a time interval set by the user independent of the graphic display.

The software displays and stores the information both digitally and graphically, and data retrieval and review are assisted by search facilities giving the operator easy access to previous test data.

Graphs and data can be printed in hard or soft copies for witnessing or inclusion in customer documentation packages. The standard chart format provides a unique identifier, specific test notes, test equipment serial numbers, date and time of the test graph, your company and client name, and includes sections for test engineer and witness signatures.
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For Hire

In addition to our own product ranges, Scotia represents major instrument manufacturers and our internal sales team can be relied upon to source and supply equipment to your exact specifications. Our pricing structures are competitive and Scotia aim to meet your commercial needs.

Our external sales staff will advise on product application demonstrate equipment for your personnel and ensure your exact needs are met.