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Panametrics Product Overview
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Panametrics Process Analysers
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Panametrics Flow Meters


Panametrics entered the ultrasonic flow market with a gas flow meter more than 50 years ago.
Panametrics is renowned for its high-technology inline and clamp-on flow meters that handle the toughest applications and environments. Process control in many industries relies upon understanding of how much fluid flows through the pipes in order to optimise efficiency and maximise profit. Flow meters measure the rate or quantity of flow of liquids, gases and steam using a variety of technologies. Among these technologies, ultrasonics remains one of the fastest growing because of its accuracy, reliability and diagnostic capabilities. With no moving parts to wear out and no obstruction in the flow, ultrasonic flow meters offer an overall lower cost of ownership than mechanical and older technology flow meters.
Panametrics innovative culture has continued to develop solutions for moisture, oxygen, liquid flow, and gas flow measurement for a range of industries and applications.
Scotia Instrumentation Ltd is a Channel Partner of Panametrics.


In addition to our own product ranges, Scotia represents major instrument manufacturers and our internal sales team can be relied upon to source and supply equipment to your exact specifications. Our pricing structures are competitive and Scotia aim to meet your commercial needs.

Our external sales staff will advise on product application demonstrate equipment for your personnel and ensure your exact needs are met.