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The Megger LRCD220 is a single 3 phase loop/RCD tester and can be used to diagnose faults with RCDs and to test crucial system circuits. It provides three-phase safe non-trip loop tested and 1/2l, and 5l RCD testing for standard, selective, and DC RCDs. It also offers 110 V loop testing and two-wire fast testing, plus phase-to-phase and phase-to-earth/ground measurement and automatic RCD testing with result recall. The LRCD220 will not trip RCDs at 30mA or greater during loop testing, even electronic RCDs.

The Megger LRCD220 tester is built to be entirely practical; it is weatherproof and has a protective front cover. It can test from 10mA up to 1000mA in complete safety and is quick, simple and effective when in use.
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Scotia has the largest fleet of commissioning test equipment in the UK and provides THE hire service for test equipment across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Some of the areas covered include pressure, electrical, temperature, dewpoint and gas detection equipment, and the full range can be viewed via the options below.

Scotia designed items are available for many data acquisition and recording applications.

Reliance and confidence come with every item tested and available for same-day despatch, and with traceable certification provided.