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The Scotia Subsea Digital Gauge & Logger (SSDGL) is now available in two pressure ranges. The SSDGL was designed for subsea and combines the ease of use of a digital gauge with the benefits of a full logging system and is fully rechargeable.

The gauge displays and logs process pressure and temperature. With subsea readability in mind, the large display with clear indicators has a backlight activated via a light sensor, which can be switched using a flashlight from a diver, AUV or ROV. The backlight deactivates after a selected period of time to save battery life.

Applications for the gauge are not limited to subsea use however. The new range of 60 bar with 0.05% FS accuracy means the unit is suitable for Dive System Leak Tests and Certification, where the accuracy of 0.3m exceeds the requirements of IMCA D 018.

Additional pressure ranges can be developed by request.
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Scotia has the largest fleet of commissioning test equipment in the UK and provides THE hire service for test equipment across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Some of the areas covered include pressure, electrical, temperature, dewpoint and gas detection equipment, and the full range can be viewed via the options below.

Scotia designed items are available for many data acquisition and recording applications.

Reliance and confidence come with every item tested and available for same-day despatch, and with traceable certification provided.