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Aurora Datasheet
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Aurora RM Datasheet
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Aurora Transport


Panametrics Aurora analyser uses tenable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to rapidly and accurately measure moisture in a variety of background gases. The analyser is suitable for installation in hazardous areas and operates over a wide range of environmental conditions. Aurora's fast response immediately alerts when moisture concentrations are out of compliance or natural gas dehydration process is upset; once corrected, gas can be quickly cleared for re-entry to pipeline or process. The Aurora analysers have an intuitive interface that makes them easy to learn, configure and operate. Available in 3 models including a rack mount, and a portable - there is a model for every application.
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In addition to our own product ranges, Scotia represents major instrument manufacturers and our internal sales team can be relied upon to source and supply equipment to your exact specifications. Our pricing structures are competitive and Scotia aim to meet your commercial needs.

Our external sales staff will advise on product application demonstrate equipment for your personnel and ensure your exact needs are met.